YouTube SEO Explained: Learn YouTube SEO (Pro Secrets) 2023

Considering the prevalence of millions of YouTube channels, it has become very difficult for new channels to become famous It is especially difficult

YouTube SEO Explained: Learn YouTube SEO (Pro Secrets) 2023

Considering the prevalence of millions of YouTube channels, it has become very difficult for new channels to become famous

It is especially difficult for commentary channels to become famous.

We all want to create a YouTube channel and earn money from it.

Everyone thinks it's easy, but you won't know unless you try it.

In the midst of millions of YouTube channels

It becomes difficult to rank high in YouTube search results.

It's difficult to get followers

But today, God willing, I would like to share with you a golden tip that I have personally put into practice that has worked for me.

Learn YouTube SEO and specialize in channels with one content

What I'm trying to say here is that you should customize your channel to one piece of content depending on your area of ​​expertise.

It's unreasonable to publish a technical explanation on your channel and then the next day publish how to make pizza (:

YouTube SEO explained: Don't put profits first

I believe this advice is 25% of the most important advice

Don't make profit your primary concern

Rather, it's the content you provide to your followers

Because the content is good and exclusive,

It is he who will benefit you later

Learn YouTube SEO with attractive titles and images

  • attractive short title The secret behind YouTube's top search results

You should have a title that summarizes your video in a few words, and the title should be interesting to the reader.

  • A secret, alluring thumbnail image makes it to the top of YouTube search results

One of the most important things on your channel is the thumbnail

The neater and more beautiful the better

We recommend using bright colors when creating thumbnails

YouTube SEO explains channel information

  • Channel name, channel logo, cover

Dear reader, you should know that your channel name and logo are what give your followers the first impression.

The more specific your channel name is to the channel's specialty, the better.

An example of this is if your channel is focused on technology.

and your name was Samir

Channel name can be “Samir Informatics”

Also, your logo and cover should match your channel and content.

  • Show your face and voice

Your followers have a greater chance of recognizing you if you can show your face

They will have more confidence in your channel and channel content

If you can't show your face

You should at least record a video with your own voice

Learn YouTube SEO, Montage, and Design

  • Design and Photoshop programs

Before creating a YouTube channel, you need some design and Photoshop experience, even if it's simple

This design will help your video look more beautiful and neat.

Photoshop helps you create thumbnails for your videos

YouTube SEO keyword explanation

If you include keywords in your video description, the keywords must be related to the video.

You don't need to include a lot of keywords, but it is important that they are related to the content of the video.

(Proper brevity makes sense)

Learn YouTube SEO so you can follow without getting bored

  • please keep following

If you want fame in one day, you are asking for the impossible (:

You need to keep uploading videos to your channel daily or occasionally

Also, set a special time to publish videos on your channel


  • Take care of your channel followers

You need to take care of your followers because they are the foundation of your channel

You must always give them the best and give them what they want

  • connect with followers

Always reply to all comments and stay in touch with your followers

Establish a way for them to constantly communicate with you

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But they are all incomplete and unfinished.

Or the roads are old and modernized.

We provide all the information about learning YouTube SEO and information about YouTube SEO explained.

Information on the secret to ranking high in YouTube search results

YouTube SEO explained: Learn YouTube SEO 2023